Solar EV World
Solar EV World

No gas or plug required.

Solar electric vehicles self-charge on sunlight.

You May Never Need to Fill Up or Plug In Again

A solar EV (sEV) charges itself, simply being out in the sun. Solar EVs are incredibly efficient, and fun to drive. Imagine coming home with as much or more fuel as when you left -- without stopping at a gas station or plugging in. Without paying a dime. With an sEV, that's no longer just a dream, that's real world. (Solar EV World!)

No(t Enough) Sun? No Problem

A solar EV provides many thousands of miles every year on sunlight alone. Just how many depends on your choice of sEV, your driving habits, and your location. If you want more (or if you drive only at night, or it's been cloudy for a month), no problem. It's up to you whether or not to plug in. If you do, you still benefit from your sEV's incredible efficiency, with more miles for your watt-hours than with any other vehicle, and faster. Regardless of where they come from.

It's All About Efficiency and Fun

Efficiency is key to maximizing range, and provides incredible advantages. However, just being efficient isn't enough. Early solar cars were slow and impractical for day-to-day use. With breakthroughs in design and technology, today's solar EVs are not just super-efficient, but safe, reliable, comfortable, and fun. Not to mention incredibly cool-looking.

Pick Your Model

Two companies have announced solar EVs soon to be available: Aptera in San Diego, CA and Lightyear in Helmond, Netherlands. Through the use of highly advanced engineering and technology, each has developed an incredibly efficient vehicle capable of meeting many driving needs with solar power alone.


$25,900 - $50,700

Up to 1,000 mile range

Available first in the U.S.A.

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Up to 500 mile range

Limited to the Netherlands until 2026

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